What is Valve in Vehicle Engines?

  Before examining what the valve in engines is, the word meaning of the valve should be looked at. valve (valve); The valve, which is used to open and close something, in other words, the valve can be defined as a key. The system called valve in internal combustion engines is also known as valve by the public. What is the Duty of the Valve? The valve is a unit that acts as one of the most important parts of the engine. When the cylinder movement occurs in the engine, the valve is responsible for sending the fuel needed for the combustion to occur in the combustion section to the relevant section. In addition, the gases released as a result of combustion are sent out from the combustion section by means of valves. The valve system that sends the fuel to the combustion area is called the intake valve, and the valve that undertakes the task of removing the gases resulting from the combustion from the combustion area is called the exhaust valve. Is it necessary to pay attentio